Statements of Support

Educators holding sign with words

This suite of lessons helps us to reach our students at their capacity to learn developmentally. It does it in a fun, impactful way that communicates with the student.

P. W., Gloucester Co. RN

I started using the high school portion of the lessons, and feel the ideas, activities and information are excellent.

E. M., Hudson Co. H/PE Teacher

Very powerful presentation. There was new information that I had never heard before. I wish that I had this information when I was a young person. I made good choices but I would have made better choices if I knew some of this powerful information.

N. S., Mercer Co., School Interventionist

It is refreshing to see that an organization that has the facts (that early sexual activity affects the whole person/can lead to depression and lifelong consequences) is interested in teaching/promoting prevention instead of maintaining the status quo.

M. G., Ocean Co. H/PE Teacher

It takes a thousand years to build a reputation and just a second to ruin it.

J.P., Essex Co. H/PE Teacher

What an informative & useful conference with such a knowledgeable group of presenters! These lessons will truly benefit my students!

C. S., Hudson Co. H/PE Teacher

This program provides excellent information and materials to incorporate into any adolescent health setting.

K. D., Monmouth Co. H/PE Teacher

NJ Physicians Advisory Group’s conference was informative and relevant to the challenging issues our students are faced with on a daily basis.

N. W., Monmouth Co. School Nurse

Awesome amount of information that I will use in my classes.

J. S., Monmouth Co. H/PE Teacher

They supplied real world knowledge that I can use in my health class.

K. D., Essex Co. H/PE Teacher

Attending this conference taught me more information about keeping students safe than any course I took in four years of college. The information debunked many things I was taught that sound true, but are not.

J. T., Hudson Co. H/PE Teacher

We have noticed a great change in our school environment after implementing YES You Can! lessons in our 5th-8th grade health classes. Students are engaged in the class and provided us with great feedback.

R. S., Yonkers NY, H/PE Teacher

This program has changed the culture of our school in terms of student maturity when it comes to sex.

M. D., Yonkers NY, AD/H/PE Teacher

Viewing the evolution of our sexual revolution at the conference, puts into perspective the importance of what we do as PE/Health Educators.

T. R., PE Teacher/Male Peer Counselor

These lessons are realistic to our students today. It provides them with information on how and why it’s important to wait to be sexually active. It doesn’t ignore that students are sexually active and it doesn’t just put a “band-aid” on it and teach contraceptives. These lessons are realistic!

A. A., Hudson Co. Health Teacher

We must ALWAYS be concerned about teaching or ministering to the Whole Child We cannot continue to gloss over, band-aid or camouflage the seriousness of sexual activity, period. It does create a  “M-E-S-S” and young people are not ready for it. (Today’s adults have a hard enough time with the M-E-S-S.)

L. G., Gloucester Co. Educator

All activities presented can easily be integrated into my classroom & I believe the lessons coming from them are ones students will hold onto.

B. N., Salem Co. H/PE Teacher

This workshop should be attended by every Health/PE teacher. When they attend, it will change their way of teaching & points of view. Thanks again for a great workshop!

T. M., Burlington Co. H/PE Teacher

I sent 7 educators to your conference and they came back pumped and very enthusiastic.

T. J., Hudson Co., Director of H/PE

This conference was great, it really makes you realize how sex impacts the total person/student.

A. R., Bergen Co. Health Teacher

The lessons empower young people to make safe and healthy choices. “Education is key” and it amazes me the number of 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students who have no idea of the consequences of sexual activity, and the importance of empowerment to make their own choices. I can’t wait to share with my students the YES You Can! suite of lessons.

D. L., Salem Co. School Nurse/Health Teacher