Health Staff In-Service Workshop

Character and Healthy Decision Making


Health professionals that influence youth will be empowered to:

  1. assess the current landscape of early sexual activity;
  2. integrate strategies to inspire young people in spite of an immature pre-frontal cortex;
  3. value the difference between risk avoidance and risk reduction education.


  1. Present the landscape of early sexual activity
    1. high-risk nature
    2. documented prevalence of sexually transmitted disease, emotional impact of early sexual behaviors and teenage pregnancy
    3. elements of attitudes and behavior
    4. scientific knowledge about “safe sex” practices
  2. Enhance knowledge of subject content by providing:
    1. assistance in integrating new health concepts and understandings
    2. information on empowering students in critical thinking skills
    3. practical strategies that can be integrated in a nurse’s office
  3. Stressing a risk-elimination message to students
    1. countering the messages of our culture
    2. educational imperative for framing the message in schools
    3. emphasis on good decision-making for healthy choices

2 hour session, $400 plus travel fee when applicable.

Schedule a session by calling: 908-322-9050 or emailing