Teacher Workshop

Helping Teens Stay Healthy in a Sex-Saturated Culture

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This 1.5 to 2 hour workshop, for the entire school staff, will:

  • describe the cultural climate of teenage sexual activity;
  • provide the most current medical information regarding teen sex;
  • provide practical teaching strategies for risk avoidance.


  1. Present the landscape of teenage sexual activity
    1. high-risk nature
    2. documented prevalence of sexually transmitted disease, teenage pregnancy, emotional impact, depression and correlation with other risk-taking activities
    3. attitudes and behavior
    4. current social science on sexual health issues
  1. Enhance teacher knowledge by providing
    1. the most current health research on high risk behavior
    2. assistance in integrating new concepts and understandings into content and instruction
    3. information on challenging and developmentally-appropriate lessons to engage students in learning and critical thinking skills
    4. practical teaching strategies
  1. Stress a risk-elimination message for teens throughout the school
    1. need to evaluate sources of information that teens access
    2. countering the messages of the culture in all disciplines
    3. reinforcement of positive peer pressure
    4. emphasis on good decision-making for healthy choices
    5. mandated by law in many states

Professional development hours will be awarded for this workshop.

For pricing information and scheduling, call: 908-322-9050  or email: info@njphysicians.org

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